Industries we serve include all healthcare providers such as clinics, urgent care, skilled nursing facilities, laboratories, medical research, educational institutes, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, healthcare groups, Group purchasing organizations and many more


Morigon Technologies is a full-service bio-medical and technology company that you can always count on to manage, maintain, and support the full life expectancy of your medical equipment and assets.

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs, challenges and budget. What makes us different is our passion and continuous pursuit to be the best in the medical equipment servicing field.

Whether you are looking for bio-med staffing to augment or assist your in-house team, or to full management; we have the tools and resources to support and guarantee successful outcomes.


You can count on us whenever the needs arise, no matter how complex a challenge might be.

When you choose to do business with us, you are left with a peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be performing better, safer and most importantly compliant will all regulatory agencies. Now that is how Morigon does service.

About us

Successful bio-med entrepreneurs founded Morigon Technologies in 2003. The company was started to address the needs of healthcare facilities/organizations in search for an alternative to the typically high-priced and high overhead regional service organizations that rely on up-selling services that you don’t need just to maximize their income and satisfy shareholder earnings.

At Morigon, we only offer products and services we know how to support. We only hire technicians that are passionate and believe that everything they do can make a positive impact to the customers they serve. We invest in education, test equipment, and training to give you the deliver the best service experience and outcomes.

“This is the Morigon Way”

Services & Solutions

Maintenance / Calibration


  • Scheduled Maintenance frequency (annual, semi-annual, or quarterly)
  • Maintenance with parts included (pm kits)
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Outlet Testing (we test for polarity, tension, and voltage)
  • Database management (scheduling, history and reporting)
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Flexible Scope Repair Services


  • Repairs are performed by factory trained
    technicians with more than
    30 years of experience
  • Equipment loaners available (based on availability)
  • We service Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax flexible scopes
  • Option to use aftermarket or OEM parts
  • 60 days warranty on scope repairs
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Clinical Technology Management


We specialize in managing your clinical and medical equipment and assets.
Our program features comprehensive and customizable features tailored to your needs.
From scheduled maintenance, repairs, regulatory compliance and management we got you covered.

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Ambulatory Surgery Support


  • Bio-med Management
  • Scheduled PM/Repairs/ Safety Testing
  • Parts
  • Outlet Checks (polarity, retention force, and voltage)
  • Anesthetic Waste Gas Surveys
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Hospital Bed and Transport Gurney Repairs


Our highly experienced and trained technicians can repair your hospital bed and gurneys on-site with turnaround time of the same day on majority of the repairs.

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Hospital Asset Management


As healthcare have evolved, so as we. Our distinctive service offerings is based on the lessons
we have learned providing support to in-house biomed programs and alike.
We only offer products and services we know how to support.

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Maintenance and 1st call Repairs


  • On-Call Emergency Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Evaluations
  • On-Site Training
  • Service Contracts
  • Re-certification
  • Accessories
  • Parts
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Anesthesia Machine
Maintenance and repair


“At Morigon we take no shortcuts with our manufacturer trained maintenance procedure this way we protect you and your patients”

Phaco Emulsifier
Maintenance and repairs


“We provide highly capable manufacturer trained technicians
to meet your needs.”

Bio-med Audit
Bio-medical and Clinical Engineering Departments


“We provide independent and unbiased review and audit of your current Agreement”

Core Product Offerings


meike-logoPortable ultrasound bladder scanner


  • 8.4 LCD touch screen
  • 3D Probes with multi-plane scanning
  • Real-time imaging
  • Automatical measurement and display its result
  • Result evaluation system
  • Measure Error: 0≤V≤999ml, Error rate is ±15%
  • Scan depth: at least 14cm
  • With data storing, browsing, exporting and printing function
  • power supply: Built-in battery and AC adapter
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